Tuesday, 27 December 2011

i wanna see my life

As life go on,
you will either see others small or big,
the more you explore,
the more people you know,
the more you understand,
Teah, definately you will be the blue.
I feel like a bit small today,
I need to explore more!!

tHe tiME oUr LiVeS!!

first part...
Lives just sometimes make you feel suck..
sometimes life make you feel better..
and sometimes life make you so feel  in love..

 AM I RIGHT!!?..

second part...
lifes..what you thinking about it?...
try  to be honest with yourself...

and you will fine the anwer...


third part...
why every human need love?
what kind of  that feeling..
it is make you feel better or ruins?..
i try to find the anwers..but i dont  found it yet...


fourth part...
why  does a guys suddenly calling you..
and ask you make a sin/s*x...
im still try to thinking about it..,
but i know half of guys always suck..

that why i hate them..
but not all of  them...


the time of our lives..
sometimes we crying..
sometimes we laughing..
sometimes we falling in love..
sometimes we need someone to be in our  side...


haha..sometimes im laughing when i thinking about it...
btw just think about my word..
if im wrong im sorry...
if im right im  just thankfulll...



Oh NaNa WhAt My ImAgE ? >.<"

hai you all think I'm good use headscarft or not?
I'm still finding my true self. I have not found my identity. Poorme right. not like you, you have identified you true self. I think you are confused about this. someone help me want to knowmy strengths and weaknesses .. I also want to be like peoplewho live happily with no problems .. I confused feel like committing suicide, but can not sin pe hahaha joke is probablynot right today I have not met anyone I really but somedayGod will help me find my personal shortcomings andadvantages. I'm wise must be done right the problem itself .. ok bye

Saturday, 24 December 2011

the light.

a token of gratitude to the people who destiny put us together.
you, yes you, you and YOU. thanks for bringing the light into my life. it will be so dark without all of you.
i couldn't be more thankful and grateful with what Allah had given me all this while. i feel blessed, really and i feel like i don't want anything else because i already have everything i needed.
please keep on enlightening my life. i need your light to survive.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


 Moshi2 dear geng blogger yang gorjes semua.
huhu..semalam hari keusahawanan sekol eh! kolej la.. lupe pulok
tibe'tibe jer teringat hari koko kat smk dulu.. wah...miss the scenes.
erm nk bitaw sikit la.. hari keusahwan smalam memang la seronok
tapi kan..hari koko kat smk lagi la beronok'ronok. huhu..
banyak actvti kat smk dulu time hari koko..
paling mendebarkan ade yang buat dedicated

konon2 sweet la dapat bunga dari secret admirer. buwerrrkk!!
tapi pon penah gak bg dan trima.hehe!

ade yang dapt nie. comel kan

yang nie memang common la..
aq heran. sejak belakangan ni selalu jer dapat mende alah ni dari dude+maiden
memang kalau kapel dapat cokelet free eh?
huhu..pape pon aku ngap je..cedap

maacemello pon ade.. for me rasa dea ta ade la sedap pon. tapi ta taw knapa bila nampak mender alah ni sure aku beli. pelik kan.ahaa

haa..ade SDAHA idol.huhu! ingat lagi.. bile yang ta hensem+suara tongkang pecah mule la buat dosa mgutuk. huhu..

dalam bebanyak tu yang ni rasa yer wajib tiap tahun join..mase kecik'kecik
kene buli. bile da up sikit aku lah pembuli. wahaha!

tapi memang seronok la. hapy sesama ramai kekawan+pakwek. haha!
miss sangat nak mcmtu lagi gan mereka
i love u >> yuli, amal, apah, aliah, shida, faz, n sume la termasuk yang dalam group ni

eh nak bitaw je taw ni bukan nk show off.. hati memang ikhlas.. haha!

comel kan.. semalam saya ada tempah seangkatan dengan mende alah ni..
tapi bentuk Hati. untuk ehem2!.. hope dea heppy.. kalau dea buang naya dea

Thursday, 8 December 2011

gone love story

first moment
the best part..awww!!
you are the one
but later, a lot things happen
and you realize there is something wrong about us
but u juz
im so hurt dude.. u varnish and disappear

i hope we will meet again
never stop care about u

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Big gift

the waiting is finally over. examination results for matriculation students has been out today. since the beginning, i was expecting a miracle to happen because i didn't really know whether my performance was good enough for me to achieve my dream. thank Allah, miracle really happenned. i'm forever grateful with my results. it's not as worse as what i had expected.
and yes,although  i haven't achieved my goal, but its still okay with pointer of 3.91

i'm happy beyond words right now. it'll definitely be a stepping stone for me to strive harder. i want more than what i've got. i know i am capable to do a whole lot better than this, i just know. i should be reducing the waste of my precious time next semester(this sem)t to achieve better.

 i need to:

* stop wasting too much time on sleeping, hanging around (i went out like every weekend previously), and surfing the net. 
* do assignment as soon as it is being given. in other words, do not procrastinate work.
* put the best effort in completing assignment, it contributes A LOT of marks.
* do homework before presentation so that i will be able to present it well (i'm not a good spontaneous speaker :/)
* study harder, and earlier before exams.
* read more books to improve my language.  (the hardest to do, i'm a lazy ass)

okay i guess those above should be enough for the time being. and now, i just need to figure out how to make sure these things are being done by me during the next semester. sadly, that's the hardest part of it.

i need to work harder to achieve better.
i will.

Semester 2, bring it on!

p/s: thanks to all my dedicated lecturers and beloved friends

Sunday, 4 December 2011

secret admirer

oh secret admirer..
When you’re around the autumn feels like summer
How come you’re always messing up the weather?Just like you do to me.My Silly admirer
How come you never send me bouquet of flowers?
It’s whole lot better than disturbing my slumber. If you keep knocking at my door
Last night in my sleep I dreamt of you riding on my counting sheep. Oh how you’re always bouncing Oh you look so annoying. (Please!)
Dear handsome admirer.I always think that you’re a very nice fellow.But suddenly you make me feel so mellow.Every time you say: ”HELLO!”
And every time you look at me.I wish you vanish and disappear into the air
How come you keep on smiling?
Oh! You look so annoying?. (Not again!)
My secret admirer.I never thought my heart could be so yearning.Please tell me now why try to ignore me
‘Cause I do miss you so.My silly admirer (’cause I do miss you so..)
My handsome admirer (’cause I do miss you so..).Dear secret admirer?
‘Cause I do miss you so?

on my top red

yeay!! today is D-Day..so bless. I wake up early even though i slept at 3am last night. scared to be late for my practical class and enter into the class like perimadona.wahaha! by all mean i tried to open my eyes at dawn. but then when i arrived all i can say was only aarkk! oh my~class cancel and will be start at 9am. im so glad to hear that! fucking hate to be manipulated

Friday, 2 December 2011

Konnichiwa everyone :)
i recently create this blog..
im trying to improve my english language one step ahead.
sorry if my writing look a little bit (much) topsy-turvy.
lef u all