Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Big gift

the waiting is finally over. examination results for matriculation students has been out today. since the beginning, i was expecting a miracle to happen because i didn't really know whether my performance was good enough for me to achieve my dream. thank Allah, miracle really happenned. i'm forever grateful with my results. it's not as worse as what i had expected.
and yes,although  i haven't achieved my goal, but its still okay with pointer of 3.91

i'm happy beyond words right now. it'll definitely be a stepping stone for me to strive harder. i want more than what i've got. i know i am capable to do a whole lot better than this, i just know. i should be reducing the waste of my precious time next semester(this sem)t to achieve better.

 i need to:

* stop wasting too much time on sleeping, hanging around (i went out like every weekend previously), and surfing the net. 
* do assignment as soon as it is being given. in other words, do not procrastinate work.
* put the best effort in completing assignment, it contributes A LOT of marks.
* do homework before presentation so that i will be able to present it well (i'm not a good spontaneous speaker :/)
* study harder, and earlier before exams.
* read more books to improve my language.  (the hardest to do, i'm a lazy ass)

okay i guess those above should be enough for the time being. and now, i just need to figure out how to make sure these things are being done by me during the next semester. sadly, that's the hardest part of it.

i need to work harder to achieve better.
i will.

Semester 2, bring it on!

p/s: thanks to all my dedicated lecturers and beloved friends


  1. wow!
    sem depan ada chance nak dpt 4.0 nihh insyaAllah :D

  2. huhu..tq
    insyallah i'll my best