Saturday, 21 January 2012

of hopes and expectations..

it's hard to live a life when people keep expecting high on you. they say expectation hurts. that's because things will not always turn out to be like what we want them to happen. you'll never always be on top, because at some point, you'll find yourself somewhere down in the bottom.

that's why i hate to let people know my abilities 'cause i don't want anybody to put high hopes on me,seriously. i hate it when people make predictions or assumptions based on my abilities, i hate it when they expect more than what i am able to get, i hate it. i know, why should i bother to live up to their expectations but then it's a lie if i say it doesn't bother me at all. pressure from the society somehow rather affected me.

i'm not letting myself disappointed with people's expectations again. i'll try my best to satisfy myself, not others. 

i'll work harder and expect less. :)

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